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Unsupported Browsers [Mon, 1/7/2019] Older versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are unsupported browsers. Using outdated browsers will run the risk of the online training not being recorded and/or the online training crashing. The Acadis Learning Portal, and its training, works best when using the current version of Chrome.

Password Information [Wed, 11/21/2018] Password resets can be done from the portal page with the “Reset your password” link to your left, right above the Sign In button. Everyone has four (4) attempts to access their account. On the fifth failed attempt the account will lock.

Contact the Help Desk if :

  1. An account becomes locked.
  2. We have the wrong email address on file
  3. The password reset email is not being received. (Check your junk folder for the email.)

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REMINDER: The 2017-2018 Crisis Intervention Refresher will no longer be available after 12/31/2018.

  • If you have questions about how that may affect you and your compliance with RCW 43.101.427, please contact the program manager Bob Graham at bgraham@cjtc.state.wa.us .

  • All officers mandated by RCW 43.101.427, (Certified Peace Officers, Certified Tribal Police Officers and Reserve Peace Officers) will have the Annual Crisis Intervention Team Training Online (2019) the online course assigned to you on January 1, 2019. This is being done by the vendor, so please wait until January 2 to contact the Help Desk if your assignment does not appear in the LMS Portal.

UPDATE: [Mon, 12/31/2018] The 2019 course will be available all year (1/1-12/31/2019). You can take it any time before your certificate expires with WSCJTC. If your agency sets an earlier due date, complete the training in accordance with your agency. Your expiration date will reset when you take the course this year.

UPDATE: [Mon, 12/31/2018] If you work for the following agencies, please try both domains to log in with. We have reached out to IT departments, but we can’t tell which domains are still “live” or not. We will continue to update individuals to either domain until we get confirmation from IT departments that the old ones have been switched off completely. We want to use whichever one is working for users.

Agency Old DomainNew Domain
Pierce County Sheriffs@co.pierce.wa.us@piercecountywa.gov
Lynnwood Police@ci.lynnwood.wa.us@lynnwoodwa.gov
Selah Police@ci.selah.wa.us@selahwa.gov
Shelton Police@ci.shelton.wa.us@sheltonwa.gov
Snohomish County Sheriffs@co.snohomish.wa.us@snohomishwa.gov
Spokane Tribal Police@spokanetribe.com@spokanetribe.gov
Sunnyside Police@ci.sunnyside.wa.us@sunnysidewa.gov
Tacoma Police@ci.tacoma.wa.us@tacomawa.gov
Whatcom County Sheriffs@co.whatcom.wa.us@whatcomwa.gov
Yelm Police@ci.yelm.wa.us@yelmwa.gov

Technical Support

For technical support, questions, or comments on this site, please contact:

LMS Help Desk at lms@cjtc.state.wa.us

For registration information regarding:

Advanced Training Classes, please email atd@cjtc.state.wa.us

Basic Training Classes, please email basictraining@cjtc.state.wa.us



System Information

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is a comprehensive public safety training solution developed by Envisage Technologies, LLC. The company provides the Acadis® software and training modernization consulting to premier training organizations throughout the US. To find out more, please visit the Envisage web site at www.envisagenow.com.